An Introduction to Composing

An Introduction to Composing

Composers Welcome,

This course is created to help get you started with composition, give you some new ideas and improve your confidence in what you’re doing!

In the following modules, you’ll explore parts of the music like structure, melody and harmony, and try out games and exercises to write your own music. You can come back to this as much as you like, so keep an open mind, be brave and have fun!

Any nerves?

It’s completely normal to feel a bit unsure when you’re trying something new. The good thing when composing your own music is that you are in charge. I’ll be giving you pointers through this course to help you, but remember, there’s no right and wrong. Your goal is to discover what you like the sound of and get playing it! 

How to use this course

Work through each page, clicking ‘Complete and Continue’ in the top right-hand corner when you have read each page to mark it as complete and move on. They're arranged in the order I think is most helpful to you!

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